This Week - July 4-10

"Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones?" Luke 18:7

Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy celebrating our nation's independence day with your family, friends and neighbors. As you do that, remember to show Christ to them. Speak a word of encouragement to them or perhaps invite them to church. In any case, show them God cares by demonstrating your love.

Men's Boating Day - July 10

Hey Guys! Bring a friend to the men's boating day. We'll meet at 11:00 am at 3670 Lake Shore Drive, Lake George, NY 12845. We'll stop at an island, have lunch and enjoy the fellowship. Call Tom Wessling if you have questions or to let him know your coming.

We need your help to show the love of Jesus to families in our community this summer. Camp Adventure is a fun, active ministry for children and families starting on August 3. There are lots of places to serve, even if you're a "behind the scenes" kind of person. Talk to Brenda Hoffman or Daniella Shambach about your interest.

Reflection on Esther

The Book of Esther is very quiet about how Esther "fasted", it only says that she did fast. Did she pray as well? Here's a reflection question for you. What did Esther pray? Think about her situation, what she knew, what she didn't know, what emotions she felt. What do you think Esther said to God when she found out that she and her people were to die?

Let's Pray!

  • For Houghton College as they adjust to new leadership with a brand new president.
  • For the Osbornes, as Ashton gets ready to leave for the military.
  • For those taking vacations to feel rested and renewed.

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